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About us

Where we began
We started the business of nature-based travel and cultural tour packages under the name "Dasht & Kalout”(Plain & Kalout) in 1998. In the same year, we were legally registered with permit number 126-25806, as "Aftab-e Kalout".  
"Aftab-e  Kalout" (‘sunshine in Kalout’) refers to the natural geographical phenomenon taking place in the sediment deposited in the desert throughout millennia, on the western side of Lut desert, one of the lowest points in the earth’s elevation, and one of the hottest. The motion of air and water make mysterious patterns in the desert sand that conjure the buildings of an imaginary city.
The Mysterious city of Lut, the largest sand city in the world, is a result of a series of contiguous Kalouts which, like tall and short walls form long labyrinths in between (Lat), are connected to each other. Iran's Kalouts are a unique combination of form and space. Sometimes one can notice the rare color of pink in the natural palate of desert nature.
If you are lucky at sunset, after a rain & dust storm, the sky of the Lute desert splashes a beautiful red light. It is as if you are at an ocean’s coastline & the Kalouts are ships floating gracefully before you.
Until the last decade, only research organizations traveled to Iran's Kalouts. 
We are among the first Eco-Tour and Travel Companies in the country and have taken many tourist groups to a variety of remote nature based and historical destinations in Iran, not on the usual tourist circuit.
Our team members are dedicated eco-tourists, in love with their profession, with a keen interest in continuous learning and innovation. We research our destinations well, before taking a group. Our research group travels to the destination with a complete knowledge of location to discover, update,  and understand the place, meets with and trains local people to make necessary arrangements.
We are among the leading tour operators in the country with a reputation for reliability.
Our Incoming Tours:
We take international tourist groups as private tours or together with our domestic tour clients to explore Iran, which results in better acquaintance with the Iranian culture and tradition. 
Together with our partners in neighboring countries, we conduct combination tours in Iran and neighboring countries.

Back in 2000, we took our first group of   Spain, to Yazd Province. In later years French, British, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Swiss and other tourist groups followed. The natural and historical beauties of our deserts and desert towns, mountain villages, archaeological sites and nomadic tribal culture are enamouring.   

Tourism Exhibitions:
 We are regular participants in international Tourism Exhibitions, such as ITB, WTM and ATM. You are sure to find us at any of
these exhibitions ready to facilitate eco-tours to Iran’s beautiful nature and ancient civilization.

Outgoing Tours
In our tour category of "Ancient Mother Land”, we take numerous groups to the lands which used to be historically part of the Iranian territory to explore common features in our cultures. Our combination tours of Iran and Georgia, Iran and Armenia, Iran and Turkey, or Iran and Uzbekistan have been popular with our international clients.
We also take groups from Iran on tours to Asian countries such as Vietnam, India, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Armenia; African countries such as Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Egypt; and Parts of Europe such as Italy, Greece and Spain. Also with the help of our counterparts and partners in those countries, show them the natural and historical beauties of those countries.

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