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Online Reservation of our trips:
In this page, you alongside with familiarity with online means of reservation, also will get acquainted with our trips contract.
Through “My Kalout” or “The price & Date of the Trip” (included in Each Trip Reservation Definition), entering the specifications of the trip applicant or the group agent, after 3 phases, you’d be informed that your application has been received. Upon observing that, we’ll contact you & let you know the arrangements of transferring the trip price; afterwards of which, you’ll receive your confirmed voucher.

 Contraction Subject:
The subject of this contract is determining the duties and responsibilities of both sides and also tour services and prices of trips.
Subject of attachment 1:
Bearing the travelers’ and/or their representative names and specifications, for those coming in a bunch form of family/friends.
Subject of attachment 2:
The itinerary bearing all details and prices, confirmed & signed by the passenger.
Contraction General Conditions:
•    First Article: This contract can be prepared, manually or electronically by the traveler or his/her representative; for which the confirmation of the agency, via dedicated website is needed. It also can be bought through Electronic payment of printed services in this contraction for the participants.
•    Second Article: Throughout the trip there are possibilities of delaying or putting forward the meals, resting, sleeping times, the decrease or increase of transportation duration in the day or at night while riding or trekking, due to the unexpected condition changes climatically, locally, environmentally or incidentally.
•    Third Article: Out of his/her best effort & cooperation, the agent will try to get the Visa Reference Number of the passengers; upon not issuing of which, there would be no responsibility for him/her.
•    Forth Article: In the case of creation any dispute between the two sides of the contract, the Cultural Heritage, Handicraft & Tourism Organization, will be the solution reference; the orders of which must be done by the two sides.
Hotel / Accommodation:
•    Fifth Article: In the case of residing in hotel, the price is the Double/Twin Sharing based; while solo passengers are included with the regulations & fees of single room usage.

-    First Note: In double bed rooms, the extra bed will be a sofa/an extra mat, temporarily placed in the room.
-    Second Note: The checking in/out will be at 2:00 PM and at 11:00 AM
-    Third Note: In local accommodations or natural environments other than hotel, (camp, cottage, local houses/home stay), accommodation conditions will be based on the criteria of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. The single room in such case might not be available, and the needed time of installation & collection of tents would be based on the travelers' advanced acceptation.
•    Sixth Article: The size of the group will determine the type of vehicle.
•    Seventh Article: the possible cancellation and delays of Air, Marine, Rail/Public transportation are up to their related companies’ regulations.
The Agent commitment:
•    Eighth Article: The agent is obliged to provide the travel details, fee and services in written form, as the itinerary (downloadable through website).
•    Ninth Article: The agent is obliged to give all the agreed services, completely.
•    Tenth Article: In land trips if the transportation vehicle could not continue for any reasons, the price of replacing it with another one, or any other expenses due to that delay is charged with the Agent; the needed time for providing a new vehicle & the related delay, all are agreed in advance by the Traveler.
•    Eleventh Article: The agent is undertaken to use the proper vehicle (as mentioned in itinerary) based on the trip route (dirty or asphalted), the group size & the excursion path.
•    Twelfth Article: The agent undertakes the insurance of civil liability (as mentioned in the itinerary up to the maximum amount of IRR 30,000,000.00), as coverage of passengers medical costs during the trip in Iran; if confirmed by the Insurance Company.
-    Fourth Note: Any extra insurance coverage, can be optional and suggestible by the agent ( if wanted)
-    Fifth Note: In the case of any physical injury, throughout the trip, at the very first step the related expenses should be paid by the traveler; after gathering and submitting the relevant documents & invoices to the agent, they can be repaid, if confirmed by the insurance company.
-    Sixth Note: In the cases, where the traveler separately joins the group out of any reason, or leave them before the end of the tour, their insurance validity will be between their arrival & leaving time; out of these time of which there would be no charge upon the agent.  
•    Thirteenth Article: In the case the traveler, due to any reason other than the agent itinerary, get in or out of the group, the passenger insurance will be validated for those exact days of accession, & presence in the tour.
•    Fourteenth Article: Official confirmed guide of Cultural Heritage, Handicraft, & Tourism organizations would be included in the trips.
•    Fifteenth Article: The agent is due to equip the tour with the first aid items.
The Traveler Commitments:
•    Sixteenth Article: The traveler undertakes to give his/her own personal specifications & the other information requested in Visa Application or Registration Form (above mentioned attachment 1) completely and accurately. It is clear that any contradiction in travelers’ application form will be up to the them; over which, the agency has no responsibility.
•    Seventeenth Article: In all trips, having one’s own passport is a must.
•    Eighteenth Article: Any expense & loss throughout the trip, out of ignoring the tour guide recommends, e. g. being on time (lest to lose the group), not doing any private excursions out of the agent access, or the usage of necessity personal tools(such as proper shoes, cloth ,etc. mentioned in the itinerary)specially in Nature tours and challenging environments , will be wholly the traveler business.
•    Nineteenth Article: Ensuring of transferring the equipment to the vehicle, while leaving the residence spot, is up to the travelers.
•    Twentieth Article: Throughout the trip, each & every traveler is responsible for caring their children, their own properties and personal documents.
•    Twenty first Article: While registering the tour, the traveler or his/her representative should pay attention to be fitted with the tour physical rating; and they must have their specific medicine and medical equipment (if any) with themselves; upon which their leader should be informed as well.
-    Seventh Note: The traveler is responsible for any problem related to lack of physical fitness or lack of knowledge upon their own physical condition, or any other probable diseases throughout the trip.

Cancellation Conditions:
Upon any needed cancellation; the Conditions of which are mentioned in the itinerary (Attachment 2), the agent should be informed in advance, through the travelers submitted written request.

•    Twenty second Article: regulated with Twenty second Articles and seven notes in two versions, one for the traveler and the other for the agent, this text is in accordance with Iran Civil Law, Article ten; the obedience of which is a must for both sides or their legal representative

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