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Sustainable Tourism

 Sustainable Tourism
Tourism is a growing industry in many countries of the world, which is creating jobs and income. Just like other forms of development, tourism can also cause
 problems. For example, "the destruction of cultural heritage, economic dependence, and the erosion of the environment.
Leisure responsibly in response to the concerns of the human species.
Sustainable tourism in various forms of "nature-based tourism", "eco" or "cultural tourism" to the show.
Sustainable tourism has gained much popularity so you can say that alternative these conditions. All forms of tourism of adventure travel trips and trips to the nature of job and even trips to attend the conference should be an aspect of sustainable tourism.
One important aspect of tourism, ecotourism or nature-based tourism is. Nature tourism is responsible to protect the environment, reduce the negative effects visiting pristine natural areas, watch and study of landscapes, flora and fauna, according to the cultural aspects of the visit (including cultural past and present cultural situation ) and also help stimulate the local economy and local communities.
Sustainable tourism, while trying to respect the tourists, have minimal impact on the environment and local culture, and yet tries to responsible tourism, the tourism sector management, improve the living conditions of local people, and also a better place to visit The next group to be made.
The fact that the arrival of tourists to a natural area, can have a negative impact on the natural and social environment where they import. Destroy plant and animal species. Create litter. Development of tourist facilities can destroy the natural beauty of the place.
Kalout and travel responsibly
Kalout our group as one of nature tourism operators in the world, responsibilities and his role very seriously. The impact of tourism on local communities and the environment they are aware. We believe in responsible tourism. That's why we try to respect the principles of responsible tourism.

In our opinion, responsible tourism that will be durable and sustainable tourism are:
 tourism which tries to minimize negative impacts on the environment.
 respect the locals and their culture;
 is the cause of local economic benefit;
 for passengers traveling into a memorable experience;
 Travel Destinations tries to be preserved for future generations;
 much interaction with local people;
 of local places and local products to help support the growth and development of the business of the natives;
 tries to preserve cultural heritage;
 recognizes indigenous cultural values ​​and beliefs;
 fair Bahmayt businesses to buy goods directly from manufacturers to take action.
Responsible tourism
Your journey can take photos and buy souvenirs is beyond visiting places.
- Due to cultural differences and local
- Without the consent of the people do not take pictures, then remember to send them a copy of the photo.
- Purchase of local crafts.
- Turn your trash, especially non-rechargeable batteries.
- In the villages and farms in tandem walking distance to land do not destroy.

Respect and preserve cultural heritage and natural environment, helping to boost local businesses in the nature of our trips. We plan our actions and decisions always have to consider these issues.

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