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Iran Nature Tours (4 Tour)

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Trip Code: I-CN0000-C-08-15-R Iran North & North west

Province :Mazandaran، Tehran، Ardabil
In this 08 day trip, starting from North West towards very North regions & ending in Tehran, you'll visit many fabulous spots of old Iran; during which, an unforgettable memory will be gathered for you.

Tour Type/ Activities: Historical-Cultural & Nature Tour
Style: Family
Physical Grading:

Service level: Standard
Best Season:


Iran North & North west

Trip Code: I-CN0000-C-6-15-01 Caspian Sea Nature - 6 Day

Province :Tehran، Ardabil، Gilan
Focusing on the Nature of North West of Iran, this tour starts tracing the history of Iran in a glance by visiting the Palaces, & National Museum in Tehran, one of the Globe biggest metropolitans. The first province of”Ardebil” would welcome you through all its history, nature and famous spas. At the other stage, we’ll take the road along Caspian cities and experience the different life style of the coastline towns.

Tour Type/ Activities: Sightseeing/Hiking
Style: family& individual
Physical Grading:

Service level: complete
Best Season:


Caspian Sea Nature - 6 Day

Trip Code: IRNBW-Re Bird watching Tour in North of Iran | Iran North

Province :Zanjan، Kermanshah، Ardabil، Gilan، Mazandaran، Tehran
In this trip we visit 3 main bird watching zones of Iran like Kani Brazan (with White Pelican, Egyption Vulture, ect.)
,Anzali Lagoon (with various types of swans and ducks) and Miankaleh (with Dalmatian Pelican, White-tailed Eagle, ect.) in a total space of around 120,000 hectares.
We will visit Ancient history of Iran in "Takht-e Soleiman", the biggest fire temple in Iran and also
UNESCO World heritage. Then, have a circulation in one of Iran's important water cave, named "Sahoulan", & pass "Hircani Jungles" as one of the global oldest forests with over 10,000 years old in north of Iran, which is really eye-catching.
Afterwards, we pass alongside Caspian, the world biggest Lake, get familiar with different Iran ethnic groups like Azari, Kurdish, Gilaki and Mazandarani people and enjoy their hospitality; out of which an unforgettable memory would be gathered.
The last attraction & natural highlight of this trip would be surely Damavand Mountain with 5671 meter altitude as the highest mountain in west Asia, with a unique view!

Tour Type/ Activities: Bird watching- cultural
Style: Active
Physical Grading:

Service level: Complete
Best Season:


Bird watching Tour in North of Iran | Iran North

Trip Code: I-C0OW00-C-15-15-01 Iran Wild Life & Cultural Tour-15 Days

Province :Tehran، Semnan، Golestan، Fars، Yazd، Isfahan
The very aim of this 15-day combined tour of Wild Life & cultural sites, is to get more acquaintance with the virgin conserved nature of Iran, encompassing various Flora and Fauna at the zones of East Zagros Range, as well as exploring the uniqueness of Iran cultural spots.

Tour Type/ Activities: Wild Life Tour/ Visiting Wild Life through National Parks, encompassing Animals & Bird Watching
Style: Family/ individual
Physical Grading:

Service level: Compelete
Best Season:


Iran Wild Life & Cultural Tour-15 Days

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