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Golestan(Zav) Horseback Riding ,Iran SilkRoad tour, Classic- 21days

Trip Code: I-C0O000-N-3-15-05-Zav HBRT
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    1st Day – Tehran-Gorgan- Soufian- Yek Ghoz-Arjanli :

    1st Day – Tehran-Gorgan- Soufian- Yek Ghoz-Arjanli
    Early checking, greet & transfer to Mehr Abad,Pick up from Gorgan, 
    driving to Soufian, Around 10 starting your first day of riding Thorough 
    beautiful fresh green farms, After 3 hours riding get close to Yek Ghoz Village, having lunch, refreshing, and after awhile riding we’ll get ready to set our first Camp near  Arjanli Village, 
    O/N Arjanli ( Camp –B- L-D) 

    2nd Day- Arjenli- Zav :

    2nd Day- Arjenli- Zav
    Today after all learning about the Turkmen lifestyle & customs;
     the Turkmen horses of whom, mostly Akhal- Yamud breeds, lead you 
    from farmland sceneries to the forest landscapes of Zav village, O/N Zav (Camp-B-L-D)

    3rd Day- Zav- Soufian-Gonbad-Gorgan :

    3rd Day- Zav- Soufian-Gonbad-Gorgan
    In the morning take your time exploring more of the Zav spring & forest, as the continuous of  Glostan Jungle, collecting your last day joys out of horseback riding with your Turkmen horses, &  getting back to Soufian horse farm to end the tour. then heading to Gonbad, sightseeing of this old town including Gonbad-e Kavous historical tower( Kavous Tower),O/N Gorgan (Hotel-B-L).

    4th Day-Gorgan-Ramsar :

    4th  Day-Gorgan-Ramsar
    Awhile sightseeing of Gorgan and then driving towards Ramsar via the coastal road,  visiting the Abas Abad lake in Behshahr, sightseeing of cities, towns & villages located on the Caspian Sea Coast lines, O/N Ramsar ( Hotel-B)

    5th Day-Ramsar- Rasht-Masouleh :

    5th  Day-Ramsar- Rasht-Masouleh
     Sightseeing of Ramsar, en route sightseeing of Lahijan ,ascending to green highlands  by Cable Car, awhile walking around and enjoying the beautiful view of the city from the highlands dominating to the city, driving towards Rasht short time city sightseeing of Rasht, including traditional Bazaar& Municipality  Square, Gilan Rural Eco Meuseum might be visited in the remaining time or instead of Rasht sightseeing, then heading to Masouleh, heading to Masouleh, O/N Masouleh/Fouman (local house/Hotel-B)

    6th Day- Masoule-Anzali-Khal khal :

    6th Day- Masoule-Anzali-Khal khal
    After breakfast hiking around and visiting this spectacular town with its stair style structure and beautiful houses with unique wooden windows, then driving towards Anzali, sightseeing  this small and beautiful town near Caspian Sea ,boating on Anzali lagoon and visiting beautiful land scape, birds and flowers could be an optional activity, visiting the photo gallery of a famous Gilanian photographer in Kapourchal, after having traditional lunch leaving Caspian Sea road towards Khalkhal green highlands, via a fantastic road ,sightseeing of Almas(Diamond) Pass &its beautiful pastures & nomads tent before arrival in Khalkhal , O/N Khal khal (Tourist Inn -B)

    7thDay –Khal khal – Ardabil- Sara'eyn :

    7thDay –Khal khal – Ardabil- Sara'eyn
    Driving to Ardabil, sightseeing of Ardebil including Sheikh Safi-od-din Ardebili complex, , UNESCO World Heritage Site(Built between the beginning of the 16th century and the end of the 18th century, the ensemble includes richly ornamented, with a remarkable collection of antique artefacts. It constitutes a rare ensemble of elements of medieval Islamic architecture.),then driving toward Sara'eyn, swimming and relaxing in thermal spring pools ,O/N  Sara’eyn ( Hotel-B) 

    8thDay – Sara'eyn - Tabriz :

    8thDay – Sara'eyn - Tabriz
    Full day city tour of Tabriz, visiting some highlights of Tabriz including Azerbaijan Museum, Kaboud(blue) Mosque, Constitutional House, Elgoli Park and Ghajar (Amir Nezam) house,plus Tabriz Traditional Bazar( Timcheh-e Mozaffariye), UNESCO World Heritage Site, O/N Tabriz (Hotel-B). 

    9thDay – Tabriz- Kandovan :

    9thDay – Tabriz- Kandovan
    Driving to Kandovan, sightseeing of this spectacular village with its amazing cave style houses and Hilevar historical Area, with its amazing Underground defensive town encompassing residential parts, even the stables, etc. Overnight staying in an amazing unique cave style hotel in Kandovan (Hotel–B)

    10thDay –Kandovan-Takab- Zanjan :

    10thDay –Kandovan-Takab- Zanjan
    Driving to Takab, visiting Takht-e Solayman Complex ,World Heritage Site, belonging to different historical periods including  Sasanid Era , Azargoshnasb Fire Temple and Belghais prison mountain(it is a symbolic prison),heading to Zanjan,O/N Zanjan(Hotel -B)

    11thDay –Zanjan-Hamedan :

    11thDay –Zanjan-Hamedan
    Sightseeing of Zanjan, visiting Soltaniyeh Dome which has the oldest double-shell dome , it is one of the largest brick domes in the world, driving to Hamadan, en route visiting Ali Sadr Water Cave and Lale jin village and it's Ceramic and pottery workshops(if the remaining time ), O/N Hamadan ( Hotel-B)

    12th Day-Hamedan :

    12th Day-Hamedan
    Full day city tour of Hamadan and visiting its highlights , including Ganjnameh( Treasure Letter/Map), dating back to Achaemanid  Era and belonging to Darius the great, Hegmataneh historical ruins, Alavian Dome, and Abu-Ali –Sina( Avicenna),Baba Taher-e Oryan, Iranian famous poet, and Ester& Mordekhay  Mausoleums ,plus Abbas Abad Hill, O/N Hamadan ( Hotel-B)

    13th Day-Hamadan-Kashan-Abyaneh :

    13th Day-Hamadan-Kashan-Abyaneh
    Driving to Kashan, sightseeing of Kashan including Fin garden(UNESCO World Heritage Site), the historical houses of Brojerdiha and Tabatabayeeha ,then, O/N Abyaneh(Hotel-B)

    14th Day-Abyaneh-Na’in-Yazd :

    14th Day-Abyaneh-Na’in-Yazd
    Early in the morning, visiting this spectacular village, a village of great antiquity, which is like a living architectural and anthropological museum dating back to Safavid Era, the simplicity found in houses affords a picture of life in rural areas of Iran, heading to Yazd , en route short stop in Na’in to visit  the old Aba knitting factory( Aba is a kind of cloth of Muslim clergyman ), Visiting Dolat Abad Garden, ,O/N Yazd (Hotel-B) 

    15th Day-Yazd :

    15th Day-Yazd
    Full day city tour of Yazd, the old city with interesting desert architectural style and amazing Wind Towers, including Amir Chakhmagh Ensemble, Fahadan old neighbourhood,  Zeyaeyeh School (Aleksandra Prison), Congregational Mosque, old Fire Temple, Water Museum, you might be lucky enough to visit Zoorkhane ( Traditional Sport) at the end of this day, O/N Yazd (Hotel-B)

    16th Day- Yazd -Pasargadae :

    16th Day- Yazd -Pasargadae
    Drive towards Pasargadae Village, and learn more about the ancient history of Iran in Pasargadae, UNESCO  World  Heritage Site ,the tombs of the Achaemenid rulers including the great Cyrus   and the famous rock reliefs of the Sasanian kings, the necropolis of Naqsh-e Rostam, , Naghsh-e Rajab, O/N Pasargadae ( Local House-B-D)

    17th Day-Pasargadae-Persepolis-Shiraz :

    17th Day-Pasargadae-Persepolis-Shiraz
    Drive to Shiraz , en route  visiting Magnificent Persepolis,  the most important historical sites of Iranian civilization, dating back to 2500 years ago ,& UNESCO World Heritage Site; including magnificent Persepolis (Thakht -e Jamshid ),visiting  Shah-e Chragh Shrine at night ,if time allows, O/N Shiraz (Hotel-B)

    18th Day-Shiraz :

    18th Day-Shiraz
    Full day city tour of Shiraz, the city of poem, flower, culture and history, and its highlights including Masjed-e Vakil (Vakil Complex; Mosque& Bazar), Narenjestan and Eram Gardens, , Arg-e Karimkhani (citadel), Shah-e Chragh Shrine, Nasirolmolk Mosque and Khoran Gate, Tombs of two Iranian famous Poets, HAFEZ and SADI Shiraz(Hotel-B)

    19th Day-Shiraz-Esfahan :

    19th Day-Shiraz-Esfahan
    Driving to Esfahan,  visiting historical bridges of Si-o-Se Pole (33 bridges) and Khajoo in Esfahan at night , O/N Esfahan (Hotel-B)

    20th Day-Esfahan :

    20th Day-Esfahan
    Full day city tour of Esfahan, including Naghsh-e Jahaan Square,( UNESCO World Heritage Site), Sheikh Lotf-ol- lah and Imam( Shah) Mosques, Ali Qapu and Chehl Sotun ( 40 pillars)Palaces, and traditional bazar encompassing the beautiful traditional Handicrafts of Esfahan Sightseeing of Vang Chatedral & Armenian Neighbourhood,O/N Esfahan (Hotel- B-D)

    21th Day-Esfahan-Tehran :

    21th Day-Esfahan-Tehran
    Fly back to Tehran, visiting some highlights of Tehran including Iran Ancient National Museum, the museum containing a collection of objects of historical value specimens of handicrafts produced by the offspring of Iran.  (closed on holly memorial ceremonies.), Golestan Palace(the Rose Garden Palace) , the oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran, UNESCO World Heritage, belonging to a group of royal buildings,  visiting traditional Bazaar (closed on Fridays and Thursdays afternoon),  O/N Tehran (Hotel –B)

    22th Day- Tehran- Imam Khomeini Airport :

    22th Day- Tehran- Imam Khomeini Airport
    Fly back to Tehran and Transfer to Imam Khomeini International Airport,(B)

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