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Izeh  is the capital of Izeh County, Khuzestan Province, Izeh has temperate weather in spring and summer, although in winter it is usually the coldest city in the Khuzestan province. Izeh is populated by Bakhtiari Lurs, a tribe living in the northern part of the Khuzestan area. It is an agricultural rather than an industrial city. The foremost product is rice (locally called Berenj) that mostly comes from Susan, Sheyvand, Meydavood and Chitanbe.
Izeh also has mines of rocks and minerals. It is famous for its dam and ancient monuments that are located in Kul-e Farah,Eshkaft-e Salman, Khongazhdar, Tagh e Tavileh, Shir-e Sangi (Stone Lion cemetery), Shahsavar relief, Khong e Kamalvand,Khong e Ajdar, Khong e Yaralivand and Sheyvand relief.

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