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As a very important & fundamental issue, the guests Residence has a high priority in Kalout agenda. Presently, Iran has Standard & neat Accomodation; from amongst of which Kalout attempts to select the best ones. Regarding the tour type, this residence can be a private house (with the opportunity of experiencing the living style of the same destination), a camp or the hotels of different Stars.

Various hotel, camps & standard local residences of Kalout are as follows:
1. 4 & 5* hotels(around 25, 5* & 78, 4* hotels)
2. 2 & 3* hotels(around 241, 2* & 369, 3* hotels)
3. Equipped Caravansary
4.  Local house(in Iran whole spots, & its destinations, Kalout has the possibility of local houses utilization)
5. Fixed camps(one number)
6. Portable camps(types A & B)


 This is Iran most common & oldest form of residence; at which the old time trips were defined. Designed with 30 Km distances in between, today some of these caravansaries have been rebuilt & presented with different levels.

Portable Camp A:
Mostly used in non-winter seasons, it can be 1, 2, 0r 3 peopled in size with portable toilet, & contains no piped water, no power & no bath; in which the foods are baked by tour guide/cook & the equipment (from cushion, sponge mat, sleeping bag to private dishes, fork & spoon) are wholly catered by passenger.

Portable Camp B:
Mostly used in winter, these camps are desined on the basis of tents with 1, 2, & 3 people capacity. The toilet is dry & packed, no power & no bath, the drinking water prepared out of snow, & the foods baked by tour guide or in the form of package, & soup.

Camp Site (Fixed):
Fixed in certain places, these camps usually have water, toilet, & sleeping equipment like cushion & mat. Foods are baked& served by cook (the plates, spoons & forks are available), in the cases where needed, the warm water is at hand, as well.
Equipped Local House:
Managing with local people, these spots bear standard hygiene; in which there will be no availability to private & personal rooms, i.e. the passengers are resided in small group forms. These residences contain bath, often no bed, plus non-Iranian toilet. The foods are baked by the house owner & served in the dishes.

Unequipped Local Houses:
Managing by local people, these houses are in fact private, at hand for the passengers utilization; thanks to which the capacity of rural regions residences has been increased. Based on Standards, the hygiene of these spots has been defined(often bearing bath & toilet). Since the rooms of these places are not private & personal( sometimes with bed), the passengers are accommodated in small group forms. The foods are baked by the house owner, & served in dishes.

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