Aftab Kalout Eco Tour & Travel co

Operator Team

Kalout operator team, consists of expert experienced Tour leaders; some of whom are licensed in Specific courses of eco tourism.
In our tours, we have always the presence of the professional leaders of relevant tours, capable of different languages; i.e. in our Mountain tours the experts of mountaineering, in desert tour, the experts of desert, or in rafting the relevant experts are chosen as the tour guide; this is what happens in our Cultural trips , as well.
In some of these trips, in addition to the main escort leader, even the local instructed guides accompany the group; whom are so familiar with the whole traits & terrains of the regions. Moreover, in many a time, even some of the employees of relevant organizations are invited to participate in the program, like Rangers & Watches of Environmental Protection Organization, acting as a compassionate experienced leader.

In our office also, we have different teams, ready to give consultant over the various Tours of Nature, Adventure, Culture, & Combination Tours.

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