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Physical Grading

To help you select your proper trip, aligned with your interests, fitness and previous experiences, Kalout has designed the trips based on activity elements such as type, level, duration, as well as the path, altitude and the climate in which these activities are carried out. Needless of any beforehand technical and physical readiness, most of the trips are applicable for all age groups; for we believe that as long as you are ready, eagerly and spiritually, any trip can by joyous.
As a relaxing break, this type is needless of any physical demanding (unless you want), suitable for all.

2- Gentle
Including some easy physical activities, this suits for all with a level of rather fitness,(e. g. awhile walking on flat paths or on some of the archaeological sites).

3- Moderate
Including moderate   physical activities, this type requires a good level of fitness as well as some previous experience. (e. g. walking or hiking, 2-4 hours per day, on smooth, and low altitude)

4- Extra Moderate
Requiring a high level of physical readiness and previous sport activities such as hiking or trekking on rough routes & high altitude (4000-4200 m), this type encompasses more serious activities. In this tour, a bit level of adventurous mood will bring you more joys.

5- Challenging
With a higher physical rate, this type includes most of the activities, in more remote and challenging environments with over 4000 m altitude, via around 8 hours activity per day, even in unstable climate.

6-Extra Challenging
As the highest physical rating, this type consists of plenty of challenges, through extreme conditions, on the altitudes of over 5000 m with rough and rocky paths, sometimes with sharp slopes even in unstable and changeable climates including more than 8 hours trekking per day. The more familiar with technical modes of activities and equipment, the more you’ll enjoy the trip.

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