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Regarding the infrastructure, as well as destination, goal, & other existent  elements, transportation & choosing the proper vehicles, are one of the important parts of trip planning.

Klout Transportation
Since the tourists Immunity, comfort, & satisfaction are our most important priorities, considering the services, trip type, region closeness/farness, season of the trip, kalout provides its clients with the best trip mode. Depending on the existent facilities, also in some routes, leaves it to the clients, based on their own interests & tastes, choose their favorite fashion of trip.

Airplane has advanced global standards; the quality of which is affected by the class & validity of related airline, origin airports, transit, & destination. Though the related airline is in charge of this matter, using the best airlines, Kalout attempts for more satisfaction of its clients; as in most of its external & internal tour, where the distances are long, it uses aero plane.

- Concentrating on one city & its surroundings excursion
- More safty
- Shorter trip time
- Acceptable marginal services, throughout the flight & airport
- Iran some of the Airlines
Homa Airlines

Founded on 1325, Ordibehesht, & after world war, Iran Airlines/Iranian Airways, started its first Air Travel services in Tehran- Mashad line. Encompassing just some International flights, after 17 years(1324-1341), & step by step, it was changed to one of the most important internal Air lines. In 1333, another Private airline, named Persian Airways/Pars was founded; the first task of which was just carrying the goods to Europe.
As a powerful arm, being about Half a century, at service of Iranian people, Homa tries to transport the passengers, export & import goods, & posting letters, in the best way.
       Islamic Republic of Iran Aero Plane Fleet:
Boeing B747-SP  
Boeing B747-21AC
AIRBUS A300 B4 Cargo
Boeing B747-100
AIRBUS A310-300
Boeing B747-200
Fokker 100
AIRBUS A300-600R
Boeing B727-200
Mahan Airlines:
As the first Private Airlines Company, Mahan Airline started its activity in 1371.
In 1378, the first E-300 Airbus joined the Airline Fleet, & in 1379 to the international community of Air Transportation/YATA. Importing the advanced E-300 airplanes in 1380, the company empowered the fleet & heightened its potential to better cover the more distant routes to far east. In 1381, the new flight destinations were added to Mahan flight net, like: Düsseldorf in Germany, Colombo in Sri Lanka, & Delhi in India. The second European route, Birmingham in England was launched in 1383, as well. (Mahan Airline Website)
Mahan Aero Plane Fleet
Boeing B747-300
AIRBUS A340-300
AIRBUS A300-600
AIRBUS A310-300
BAE 146-300



Despite current infrastructures, & in the case of availability of proper trains or no time limitation for Tour registration, in some of its internal or external tours, with rather long routes that are overnight as well, Kalout prefers train transportation.
More accepted safe, comparing to other transportation modes
The possibility of better sleeping, throughout the trip
The possibility of restaurant & bathroom utilization
The possibility of standing or walking through the hall, as refreshment
No restrictions of capacity & Tour size number
Iran Railroad:
The construction of Iran Railroad building, in its existent place, was started on solar year of 1306; from the same time of which its exploitation, too, begun from three spots of South, Center, & North, so that today the whole big cities are utilizing railroad services.


This is the most common public transportation, using for all close/far distances. Based on various quorums, Klout runs most of the trips via this transportation mode; the utmost of which encompass proper seats, luggage place, air condition, audio-visual systems. Since the safty, comfort, & content of the clients are Kalout most important goal, in bus selection, our priorities are as below:
- The experience of the driver
- The made year of bus(no more than 5 years)
- The health of technical & audio equipment
- The cleanness of internal & external parts of vehicle
The health & appropriateness of air condition-

Tourist Bus Fleet:

The existent buses of Iran are mostly made of Scania, Volvo, Man, & Benz companies; the various Tourist buses of which are VIP(24 seats), VIP 30(seats), VIP(44(seats).
Mini Bus:


In the cases where the routes length are less than 80 Km, or when they are harsh & difficult, with no possible utilization of buses (like: Beech Forest, Palace/Qasr-e Bahrm, & Lar Plain), even as a combined marginal beside other transportation vehicle, mini buses are used in short distances.
Also, in the cases, when Kalout announces that selection of vehicle, will be on the basis of registered people amount, this means that there would be the possibility of replacing the bus, with mini/middle bus in upcoming days.

Hayes, Car, & 4x4 wheel:


Specified for Tours of 4-12 PAX, Kalout utilizes these vehicles for Private & customized ones, with the possibility of boarding & dropping off the passengers at their home front door.
- The smallness of the group
- More speed
More welfare-

Carrier animals ; including mule & camel:

based on the programmed long routes; via which the participants should pass the route on their foot, the animals are at hand to get services. In these cases, utilizing these animals, the participants will benefit an indescribable joy & excitement.
- Experiencing the old modes of transportation
- Relief utilization in harsh & difficult routes

 Local Ship & Dhow boats:


Being common in Iran South coasts, the age of this transportation means dates back to centuries ago & yet is used in some of Iran South cities at the Persian Gulf margins;  even nowadays, the Express Ship(Marine Bus) have been replaced with them, which transfer the passengers from ports to islands. Encompassing proper seats, air condition & audio-visual system, in its most trips of Iran South regions, Kalout utilizes this means.

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