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Weather and Season

In respect to Iran vastness, this country is so distinct & changeable climatically; so, according to rainfall, temperature & moisture, various parts of the country bear considerable differences.

Regarding the climate, Iran is one of the world most exclusive countries; sometimes in winter, the heat difference between the warmest & coolest spot of which is over 50 centigrade degree. Thanks to this same very trait, one can spontaneously ski on the slopes of Alborz Mount, & then via a flight to Iran South, swim in the warm waters of Fars Gulf.

Influenced by Siberian high pressure system, Mediterranean air system & Low pressure system of south, plus the existence of mountains & seas, Iran is amongst a few countries of the world; in which four seasons are well evident.

On the other hand, due to its placement on above Latitude, the difference among its seasons are more, resulting in the variety of outstanding climate.
The northern coastlines, in summer bear a hot & wet, & in winter a mild weather. While, West & North-West regions, have mild summers & cool winters, the Southern parts, have very hot summers & mild winters; that’s why every corner of Iran, bear a different nature comparing to other zones.

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